I’m planning to start my own store but i have a few questions..

  1. How do you guys handle long shipping period from sites such as alibaba/aliexpress as they normally offer a shipping time of 30-50 days which is too long.
  2. Do you guys repackage your products? if so, do i need a third party to help me with that?
  3. I have seen many youtube videos where they start a shop from around 100-500$ is that even realistic? how much did you start with or how much would you recommend?
  4. Do you guys have a preferred country where you like to sell your products? or do you sell it internationally?
  5. For advertisement, do you guys make your own or do you just take stock vids/images that are provided? Also, how much did you guys spend on ads? because I know ads are a pretty big factor in making your business successful.
  6. How did you guys find the product that you wanted to sell and how long did it take? and was it successful?

Sorry if i am asking too much questions. Just wanted to be sure on what i'm doing before i get started. Thanks!

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