eCommerce 3PL & Fulfillment Services $25/mo per pallet. ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS!!

FoxCom Management is a 3PL company specializing in eCommerce Fulfillment & Logistics.

We're currently taking on new clients & offer some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Our warehouse is located in New Jersey & is less than 20 miles from several major FBA warehouses (EWR7, EWR9, LGA8) which greatly aids in reducing our clients' freight costs & shipping speed.

– Pallet: $25/mo
– Box/Carton: $0.45/mo/cf
– Bin: $4/mo

Order Fulfillment:
– Less than 300 orders/mo: $2.25/order
– More than 300 orders/mo: $2/order

Custom Work Request: $40/Hr
Billed every 15min. Inspection, Quality Control, Repackaging/Rebranding (Anything our facility can handle).

We work closely with all our clients & aim to build long-term business partnerships that go above & beyond basic storage & fulfillment. Our goal is to help our clients grow their businesses so that we can grow ours!

Please feel free to contact me via DM,
email: [](, OR
the contact form on our website:

I'd be more than happy to get on call & discuss your 3PL needs to help figure out if we're the right fit for you!

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