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So, we've spent a long time building an app in our small bootstrapped startup.

We've done everything by the book …

  • Interviewed customers
  • Engaged with market
  • Iterated on product

Long story short, we've built it and are trying to start marketing, but we are in a chicken and egg situation. Our marketplace is valueless without stores, but stores have no incentive to signup without traffic…

Just a quick heads up, we are almost at the end of our runway $$$ wise so expensive marketing campagins aren't an option!

We are trying to get early adoptors onto the platform but are struggling enormously, I would appreciate your feedback on the idea below…

Anyway people of the colusium, should we stick or twist? Does the below get any juices flowing or time to "get a job?"…


We have a dream for online shopping, and it is one that is not realised with current platforms. Our vision is for a social marketplace, a destination that you visit with your friends and family, bringing the magic of shopping online.

As we start our journey, users can create groups of friends with a simple link, and visit our stores for an interactive, engaging audio/video experience.


  • Can create groups of friends
  • Can converse with audio / social
  • Can see the actions and recommendations of friends
  • Can recommend destinations
  • Can search our entire marketplace with boolean search, available using voice and text
  • Conversations updated via whatsapp / email

After months of engaging with merchants, we have begun to understand their pain points and frustrations with existing integrations. The biggest message that we’ve heard loud and clear is that selling online needs to be simpler, not more complicated.

For this reason, our marketplace works with just one click for Shopify users, and all orders, customers and communications go through your existing infrastructure.


  • Can integrate all their products into the marketplace with one click, we’ll keep them updated for you
  • All orders and fulfillment will go through existing systems
  • Have a branded store, and voice searchable storefront with fully synchronized stock
  • Can access a brand new audience and sales channel, without adapting any of their existing systems

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