Huge drop in sales starting from May

Hi all,

My sales keep going down for over a month now. About -40% now. My website is pretty much the same, my product is the same (my own software) and the price didn't change. At thay point I've suspected this was due to the google algo change.

Anyway, things get even more odd here. Usually when I send newsletter to my clients (about 60k of clients in the database) I get like 4-5x bump in sales – temporarily for a week or so. I never send the newsletter more than once in three months.

So I've sent newsletter again 3 days ago and my sales are pretty much the same or even lower- despite larger number of website visits.

– website is the same (works), payment gateway is the same (paypal), product price is the same, product is stable and well received but sales keep dropping starting from last month

– newsletter usually raises the sales about 4-5x times but this time it produced no additional sales

Any ideas what can be wrong? Maybe the market is saturated? This entire situation looks odd to me :///

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