Some crazy Customers out there – Is this listing clear enough?

From the Department of "Peanut packets labelled 'May contain Nuts'" I bring you This eBay customer complaint…

So the eBay listing reads:

Teddy & Friends Amelia – Bag & Yellow Camera [21cm] – White – $22.95 (AUD)

Amelia the bear loves to explore!
Her bag is packed and her camera is all set, ready for an adventure with you!!


–> Note we only sell Plush toys, not electronics. It is in the appropriate eBay category etc and the picture shows clearly a plush camera and suitcase.

So the Customer complaint we received read: "Thought it was teddy camera for nursery instead just a bear no camera at all"

Umm.. when we finished laughing we asked ourselves the question, How obvious do we need to make our descriptions when dealing with Complete idiots? Should we be padding them all out with things like "Suitcase does not hold items" "Camera does not take Photos"

Love to hear other's thoughts, meanwhile I'm gonna go watch Idiocracy again…

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