Fellow webdev agency owners, how do you scale?


I am working in a web development agency which is handling WP and Shopify websites.

Currently there are 2 frontend devs (1jr 1sr) and 1 backend developer. We're also being helped by a part time senior designer that is a friend of the founder.

I am sort of a VA, project manager, operations manager and business manager which is not coming from a web dev background.

The part where we're stuck now is scaling. Right now we have 1 Shopify project in progress and 1 custom WP project in wireframing phase. But all we've done now is take semi-complex and complex websites that take 8-10-12 weeks to deliver.

We'd like to keep this going, but also bring some income from simple websites (4-5 pages) from templates. Basically something we can deliver in less than, say 72h.

So my questions to you are:

– How do you go for templates? Create your own? Use already marketed templates?

– Are you using block templates instead of full website templates?

– How are you marketing yourself for both small(fast) project and 8+ weeks complex projects?

I will greatly appreciate any answers/insights!

Be safe!

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