Niche/products for my first store.

Hi, hope you're all doing great.

I'm studying to be a Web developer and I've also been learning about digital marketing, trends aso for a while. So I'm planning on building my first dropshipping store over the summer.

The purpose is to get experience and to develop my skills in marketing, seo, creating good content and everything e-commerce.

The goal is to create a profitable store.

One thing that I'm trying to figure out is what to sell. I would love some recommendations on products that are somewhat safe bets.

So far I've been looking at different hobbies, workout clothes, trends, and products that can be sold both to customers and businesses.

Typical stuff seem to be stuff like : Sunglasses during summertime? Phone accessories?

I've also been looking at certain stores top sellers. Would it be viable to make a store that only sells silicone covers for airpod cases for example? Or those hiking pants everyone wears to the supermarket?

Like I said. I would love some advice, or to hear others experience with dropshipping. What type of products are suitable for dropshipping? What products would you recommend me selling on my first attempt at a store? What products should I stay away from?

Tldr; me make ecommerce. Picking product to dropship, hard. You help?

Ty xD

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