Humans of New York but for Customers

I recently pivoted into the eCommerce space as a consultant and I have been thinking a lot about what I want to create for content with social media. There's a lot of content out there interviewing founders of new stores, but I wonder about looking at the customer's perspective.

A eCommerce business cannot exist without its customers and they are central to everything, product development, marketing, community, etc.

So, I had this idea to make a page like Humans of New York, but focus it around products where I talk to customers and dive deep into their motivations. I have always been interested in qualitative data and I am comfortable about asking the right questions to get to where I want in the conversation.

The key benefit I see with this content is to help eCommerce merchants better understand the customer's perspective. It's interesting how this gets misunderstood so easily. For example, I worked briefly with a merchant who sells eco-friendly stationery, and she was adamant about eco-friendly being a core offering. But when I looked at her reviews on Etsy, none of them talked about eco-friendly as a thing they valued. They all talked about the design and speedy shipping. It got her thinking and we decided not to lead with eco-friendly as a core offering. I think getting merchants to think deeper about customers will be very helpful in developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

My question for you all is, does something like this already exist? I don't know how to search this up online. Feedback welcome as well, but keep in mind it's still early stages and I am still thinking this through.

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