[Shopify] Looking for early adopters for feedback on social audio/visual marketplace!


Have you ever dreamed of attending your customers personally wherever they are (JUST LIKE BEFORE!!). For example…

A mum in London and her son in the USA can choose his wedding ring together sharing screen and video. The store attends both in person at the same time. They will make the perfect choice for such an important purchase!!

We are developing a revolutionary marketplace published on Shopify that enables users to shop in groups using video and audio. We are looking for high quality brands to be part of our early-adoption group, helping us to build a world-class user experience and ultimately open a new sales channel for Shopify stores.

If this could be interesting I'd be delighted to provide more information, we would be really excited to work with high quality brands,

DM me for info or link to app page in the comments!

Edward – (founder @ yown it)

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