Which Route To Take?

Hi!I've been working on an E-Com business idea for quite some time & would need some help from you guys. Imagine a Zalando or Boozt, but instead of clothing, it's a different industry in which there's a great demand out there right now.

But, developing the product line by ourselves would be next to impossible – especially since we're looking to have hundreds of products in the collection. So, the idea is to work with other E-Commerce websites selling products that we think are going to be a great fit.

But I'm a bit unsure about how to proceed with the technicalities of it. Here are a few alternatives:

(1) Affiliate Link – users search through our website, click on a product, get redirected to the website of the original E-Commerce store selling that product. We get an affiliate commission.

(2) Order Via Our Website – same process, users find the product on our website, buy it from us, and then we proceed to order that product on behalf of our customers from the original E-Com store – kinda similar to dropshipping.

(3) Have All The Products In-House – which really isn't an option since that'd be way too much money upfront for us right now.

What alternative would you recommend? Or is there possibly a 4th one?

Would appreciate any help I can get! All the best!

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