Directly target your competitors’ customers & boost your conversion (tool I’m building – need beta testers)

Hey everyone,

I've worked as a web dev, operated ecommerce side hustle, but recently I've been hired by a forward-thinking company which I've helped with growth dev stuff. Together we worked on coming up with creative ideas on cutting customer acquisition costs by 10x (that was the goal) and tried a bunch of things. Really liked working with them, and through the project we came up with a couple of ways, one of them being very striking:

Basically, it's about targeting your competitor's customers directly. We're using a bunch of publicly available data, some "gray area" data (which is totally legal – their legal team looked into it, but to extract you need certain custom scripts), and two secret sauce ingredients we've developed with the team. Works no matter what sector you're targeting, or location, or anything else. They're already using it for the new shops they're building.

Since I've tried and succeeded in turning this into an internal tool for them, after receiving their blessing and even getting their investment commitment, I'm working on building this as a B2B tool everybody can use (from big corps to one-man shop dropshippers).

Because the tool means means lower ad costs, higher targetings and conversions! Achieved 1/8 the regular CAC for one of their stores. With good creatives, good product & good experience on top of this (which they already had), one can build a rocketship, basically. Only problem is, we are not sure how sustainable the tool would be for the users: We haven't been experimenting with it for 3-4 years, after all, just 3-4 months now. Good thing is, unless you're spending $200-300k/mo, everything should be fine.

So yeah, I'm looking for early access beta testers. You will be paying a certain amount, since there are big infrastructure costs for this, but it will be discounted since there might be bugs and other issues – you're an early adapter after all, highly appreciated! So please let me know if you're interested and we can talk.


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