There are a LOT of opportunities you’ve left on the table. It’s time to put in the work💪

iOS 15 is scaring the hell out of people… There's going to be a lot of change. But instead of focusing on what you CAN'T control, companies should be doubling down on what they can.

One of those things is the experience you give customers RIGHT AWAY on your website.

Optimizing. Iterating. Making it better.

So that visitors convert more the FIRST TIME and you don't need to worry about capturing their shitty email with a 10% off discount.

Take a hard look at your business and ask yourself…

"What if I made this [insert page] experience 1% better?" How much is that worth to your company?

Here's a screenshot I took 5mins ago from a test we're running for a client…

✅0.84% increase in Add-to-Cart conversions
✅$40,527 more revenue from our variation during the experiment
✅In 28 days

Once we stop the test and role out the results, multiply that by 2.

That's an additional $80,000+ per month in revenue or an extra $960,000+ per year!

All because of (less than) 1%…

So before freaking out over your marketing, realize that you haven't even fully tapped into the potential of the assets you already own and get to work.

The opportunities are there for the taking!

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