I am considering buying a business via one of the popular marketing platforms online.

Hey everyone,

As I’ve mentioned in my intro, I am considering buying a business using one of the popular online marketing platforms for buying/selling businesses.

My questions are for anyone who went thru the above and actually bought a business:

  1. What are the risks I may face in the first months after buying the business?
  2. Do you regret buying it?
  3. If you could do it again, would you change the type of business you bought or anything else?
  4. How hard it was continuing with the sales/services?
  5. Did you multiply the profits or you did recorded some lost?
  6. Did you implement anything new or you stick with what the business was about already?
  7. Do I need to stick with buying a business based and located in my country or I can invest in a business located /operated from another country /location? And if someone has done that is it hard to manage it?

I am just looking for some insides on how things are on the other side as a business buyer and owner. Any advice is welcome, as I am total newbie in the field.

Thank you.

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