What are some good resources to learn about Facebook ads?

I'm sorry if this question has been repeated many times.

I've just created my first Shopify store and I have my brand identity ready. I'm all set to start running Facebook ads. However, I just know the basics and I have many questions.

  1. How do testing campaigns work?
  2. How many ad sets per campaign?
  3. How many creatives per ad set?
  4. How long should a campaign last?
  5. How do you know when an ad/ad set is underperforming and you should stop it?
  6. What's a reasonable monthly budget for Facebook ads?
  7. Should you have ads running 24/7, all month long, all year round or it's good to have some pauses in between?

I would like to know what are some good resources to give answers to my questions. There seem to be many "experts" in this field and I don't really know whom I should trust.

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