3PL Comparison Template (Free Download)

First, here is the link to download the template.

Second, for context, I own a 3PL called OTW Shipping. The majority of people who reach out have a hard time comparing prices between 3PLs because of the wide variety of pricing structures. And of this majority, most do not consider customer service/SLAs which should be a HUGE component when selecting a fulfillment center.

At best, I've seen people spend hours creating their own rudimentary Excel template to compare costs. At worst, I've seen people comparing fees directly between companies with completely different pricing models. Yes, $0 pick and pack is certainly less than $2 pick and pack – but if their shipping costs are 2x as expensive, it is not a good deal. And that's just trying to compare pricing.

People tend to forget that bad customer service and low efficiency means more bad reviews and more returns which leads to less orders. On the flip side, great customer service and high efficiency can oftentimes save you more time and $ through more good reviews and less returns which leads to more orders. So, a 3PL that is $0.25 more per order but gets back to you in minutes and rarely makes mistakes, can definitely be worth it.

This template is meant to help in a few ways:
1. Gives you an idea of total fulfillment costs across a variety of pricing structures so comparisons are more like apples to apples.
2. Takes into account customer service, SLAs, and other intangibles.
3. Allows you to weight which factors are most important to you and outputs weighted rankings for each 3PL.

Hope those of you who are considering outsourcing your fulfillment find this useful!

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