If the CEO of a competitor reached out to you to connect, how would you feel?

Im a student studying finance and entrepreneurship. I have interests in ecommerce, business development and venture capital. Last year I started an ecommerce store in the home decor niche which has done decently okay considering how little budget I had to start off with as a student.

I have career aspirations which aren’t exactly in line with my current store but obviously I enjoy working on my store l, it’s been a great learning experience and I do still plan to grow it.

There are a lot of competitors in the niche that come and go but around 2-3 that have been here long term. One of them is one I really like l, I love what they stand for, the work they’ve done so far and honestly I would say if I were to look up to any competitor it would be them. Tbh we’re not direct rivals as my brand is a lot smaller compared to theirs.

Recently I found their CEO on LinkedIn, he’s like almost 15 years older than me and also has a pretty cool background in terms of other startups he has worked with. I’ve been really thinking of reaching out, not with the intention of gaining stealing intel at all, but just to connect and maybe discuss his background and some advice since he’s a lot more experienced than I am – obv since we are in the same niche that topic might come up as well.

Do you think this is a good or bad idea? If you were in his position how would you react?

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