New dog food site– very limited sales! Heeeelp please :D

My brother and I launched a new fresh-cooked dog food brand that's local to Southern California (Socal Dog Kitchen). This is a new version of an older brand that we're shutting down (the older one was San Diego Dog Kitchen). We think that the new brand should be a LOT more appealing to our potential customers… but our conversion rate is about 1/5 of what it was on the old one!

A couple more details:

– We get most of our traffic via facebook and IG ads. We did the same for the old brand, and targeting+spend were similar.

– The food is "fresh cooked" food– similar to Just Food for Dogs, The Farmer's Dog, etc. Our prices are the same or a bit cheaper than competitors.

Any and all suggestions for how we can improve would be VERY appreciated! Thanks for your time ✌️

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