This might be the answer to High Cpms and poor performance on facebook

Today the Big Bad Apple released the doomsday device, IOS-15 on your precious ad-account

the question we all have is:

'Is my ecommerce store a deadman walking?'


'should i hand in my resume into mcdonalds or burger king on monday?'

Truth is… i don't know and neither does Lizard King Zuck

What I do know is that

A: you've been using sweet sweet emails to make juicy profits (up to 30% of total revenue) without paying facebook a cent for a while now

Or B: you've been leaving embarrassing amounts of cash on the table that could've gone towards your son Timmy's college fund

Either or, the tone you use in your emails (or are going to use because you love free money like me you greedy monkey) is super important.

Even my tone while telling you how to put money in your pocket is fun and playful, right? thats why you haven't clicked off 😉 .

this text is also informative, humans love learning and being entertained at the SAME time. thats why shows like Shark Tank do well.

Your probably saying: I've tried emails but barely anybody reads them. simply put, your headline STINKS like rotten eggs.

Don't worry Conor is here to help…..

A stupidly easy way of crafting headlines that lure in customers like grandmas cookies is to copy gossip magazines

sounds crazy, right?

Ok let's sell a weight loss programme using this technique –

'How to get the Zack Efron physique while eating your favourite icecream in 3 months'

look how we made losing fat and building muscle sexy and fun?

It makes you imagine you and your perfect abs eating at the beach with a delicious cone in your hand somewhere tropical.

why does it work? Its interesting thats it.

moving on… i wont hold you for much longer.

finally for the love of god do your research

a Lawyer cant defend his client without knowing everything about their case

so HOW THE HELL can you begin to tell your precious customer why your product is the key to all their problems and is on sale for the low price of XXX, without doing your homework?


So for the sake of your son Timmy's college fund do your research

If you wish,

I could write your first (or your first good) email for your email list for FREE.

If not, use this info to send Timmy to college with a new school bag

Good Luck,


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