You’ll never procrastinate after reading this post!

Does it happen often that you create a list of things that needs to be done but not able to do them either because you don't bother to look at the list again or just simply skip?

That's where I come in, send me your to-do-list and I'll hound your ass all day long and make sure that you're getting things done. I'll become one of your annoying clingy partner that r/datingadvice has been telling you to stay away from and you would wish that you had never got yourself in this and maybe you'd end up getting things done just to make me shut-up. $1.99 will last you a day of harrassment, and you can decide to choose between monthly, quarter or annual packages.

Qualification: Been told I'm annoying by almost everyone and most of the WhatsApp groups I'm in is just me spamming incessantly. I'm Asian and I'm very persistent– ask all the girls on instagram. I'm shameless and people often end up raising their fist at the sky shouting at me "go away!" and I don't budge.

If you want this fabulous service then please send me a message and i'll get back to you.

If you already have a wife and do not want my service then that's okay. /s

I hope i was able to make you laugh from this post and change your mood to work better.

Jokes aside! I've been helping people on this for more than 2 years and they've been able to achieve impossible milestones in life and business

my dms are open.

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