What to do about a bad TrustPilot review?

I have had my first 1 star review on TrustPilot (third overall, the other two 5 star).

The review simply reads didn’t get my item, don’t buy! I was quite surprised as my store is new and the poster purchased the item when it was pre order. The item was shipped about 8 days ago from the UK to Canada and the reviewer didn’t reach out before posting. Had he done so I would have reiterated that delivery can be up to 14 days, subject to delay etc.

The item is insured but not tracked due to the relative value of the goods v the cost of tracked mail. My intention is to issue replacements via tracked mail for any that go missing as this would still work out cheaper.

I have replied to the review and reached out to the reviewer by email however I am concerned that this review could have a lasting negative effect on the business.

Has anyone had this experience before. Whilst the review isn’t factually I correct I do feel it is unfair and misleading given we are still within the delivery window (and assuming it arrives on time).

All advice appreciated.

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