Best software to manage large inventory with variations

Hi I am in the process of inheriting the family business which is online retailing special purpose tooling such as taps and dies, lathe and milling machine tooling and much much more

We are selling with these current channels :

eBay (2 stores) BigCommerce webshop Phoning up to order items instead of filling out a cart And also about 2% of our sales come from in person as we aren’t a shop front, we are residential with workshops out the back which doesn’t see much of the public.

My biggest issue is currently deciding how to keep track of over 2500 different lines of items , a few hundred of them being a unique product and the rest coming from size variations

So it’s like selling the same shirt but with small medium large extra large etc with the price going up / down depending on the option chosen.

This is my current plan, please tell me if I’m off:

Generating SKU’s for all items variations as only 10% of this has been done

Having a ‘master’ list; meaning if I update the inventory value on this layer , each other channel it’s connected to is automatically updated (eBay, BigCommerce etc)

This is where I need help from you guys, what would be the best software that would allow me to keep track of all our items and automatically update when something is sold on eBay or our website ?

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