Facebook Ads – In House or Outsource?

Hi everyone,

Relatively new to the sub but been in e-commerce for 5 years now(!). For the past several years, we’ve been almost exclusively Amazon FBA Sellers. This year, we launched our own Shopify storefront and are really hoping to build our independent brand.

In order to generate any traffic at this point my main strategies are to use FB + Google Ads. But I cant decide whether I should spend the time learning, failing, experimenting, to pick up these skills myself (I’m a full time med student, and frankly when school starts backup I just might not have the time to become an expert) or hiring a digital marketing agency to take the lead on this front.

The biggest problem is that potentially without an agency fee I could be profitable at a much lower ROAS (2.5-3X) If I hire an agency, I would need my volume + ROAS to be quite a bit higher just to be profitable. So far the firms I’ve met with that I really feel confident with in terms of potential results are quoting around 1700-1800/month to manage ads. That’s a pretty hefty fee but I also don’t know if thats really standard.

Interested to hear yall’s insights and advice. Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Sadly, this didn't pan out well. We went with the agency, and the results didn't live up to the promises. For those interested

AD SPEND: $5,032.35

PURCHASES: $1,475.47

ROAS: 0.29X

AGENCY FEES: $8,750.00

ROI: 0.11X

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