(Quick tip) Cater to the impulse buyers when it comes to marketing on Facebook & Instagram

Recently I saw a post from someone who wanted to run retargeting ads that would show the ad 5x every single day to the audience until they bought. That strategy would most likely cost way too many impressions to get a sale, which then it probably wouldn't be profitable at that point. Even with a super high priced item, chances are they won't change their mind from seeing an ad at 2pm to seeing it at 7pm and again at 9pm on the same day. Something like 2-4 times a week would work better, but still potentially unprofitable.

Impulse buyers are your cheapest and most profitable buyers. Not the people who need to see your ads 10x before making a purchase.

People have such a short and impulsive attention span on Facebook that if you catch them in the right moment, they'll buy instantly.

Focus on maximizing results and profitability with your cold audiences and impulse buyers before developing strategies that require 2-5x impressions per person to get a sale.

A few tips to cater to the impulse buyers

– Always optimize for conversions for purchases

– Make ads that are attention grabbing

– Price markdowns*

* If a discount code is profitable for your business, then use that. Sometimes just a simple discounted product like what Amazon does to many of their products works well: "was $24.99, now $19.99"

Hope this helps!

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