What do you think of this Facebook ads strategy?

I've been optimising my store with the feedback from this sub and now I'm getting ready to start running Facebook ads.

  1. Testing campaign

I have 11 products for the moment, and I don't know which one is going to give me more sales. For this reason, I've thought about running a preliminary conversion campaign with just one ad set and one ad where I would show all my products on a collection or carrousel ad.

The ad would redirect my customers to this link: Beadston products. This way, the customers who click on it would be able to choose which product they like best. This won't give me sales, but very useful information. After the campaign I will know which are my customers' favourite products..

  1. Sales campaign

After the testing campaign, I will be ready to focus on the best performing products and run a conversion campaign with just ads for the best products. I hopefully I'll start having sales by this time.

After this campaign, I will duplicate it with a warm, retargeted audience, based on the best customers from the previous campaigns.

What do you think? Do you have any alternatives?

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