Woocommerce – Issues with PayPal Payments

I am running a Woocommerce store for a client and am having incredible issues with their PayPal payments. Any experience with this, or help is greatly appreciated. TL;DR at the bottom.

Using DIVI Theme

All Plugins, Themes, and Woocommerce are all 100% up to date.

The setup of the PayPal payments is correct, to my knowledge. The payments go through on the PayPal side correctly and everything is good on that side.

The issues:

– When a payment has been received through PayPal, it does not auto-complete on the backend. It places the order into "pending payment" and all orders must be manually changed to "completed". This is obviously incredibly frustrating and not going to work. I looked into the PayPal-Woocommerce documentation to try and solve this issue, but its clearly written for developers and I'm not sure where to start. The site has a working HTTPS connection so it shouldn't be that at least. Not sure how to look into the proper receiving of PayPal's IPN request or something…

– When someone completes the PayPal transaction inside PayPal, they are not automatically transferred back to the Thank-You page of the website. They can just close the PayPal window and leave. This makes it so I cannot track that purchase with my Facebook Pixel or Google Ads Conversion Tag or Google Analytics. Is there any way this can be fixed or remedied? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

TL;DR – I need help getting the PayPal payments on my client's Woocommerce store to successfully auto-complete on the backend. Also, how do I make sure all PayPal purchases are tracked with all the different analytics solutions.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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