Don’t look at topline conversion rates. Look micro-segments.

If you’re looking at overall conversion rates when doing CRO, you’re missing the point.

Topline conversion rates are an average.

In order to truly understand what’s performing/underperforming, you need to breakdown conversion rates and analyze segments.

This is where the real magic and opportunities in CRO lie.

Simple segmentation by source, medium, channel, device, etc. are a good start.

But you can also dig deeper by layering multiple conditions and explore micro customer segments within those segments to see how they perform.

For example:

What’s the conversion rate of someone who:

A) Acquired through FB Paid Ad

B) Lands on a product page

C) Using a mobile device?

What if we added to the mix:

D) Who came from Canada?; or

E) Who also used site search?; or

F) Visited the FAQ page > +1 times?

You may not be able to run an experiment around hyper-specific audiences (how micro you get here depends on the amount of traffic you have and how much power you need to run a statically significant experiment).

But you can collect insights about how unique segments of your audience performs, cluster them together, and come up with powerful direction to guide your experiments.

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