eMarket Online Store – OpenSource Engine (v. 1.0 beta 1)

Hello. In January 2021, I already presented the alpha release of our eMarket online store engine. Now we want to present a beta release.

At first glance, there are not many innovations, but all of them are of great importance.

  • Moving from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 5.
  • Vanilla JS. This is a lot of work. We've replaced all third party JS apps with vanilla ones. Also, all our code is written in Vanilla. This offers great opportunities.
  • Made structural changes
  • Added SMS providers


  • Warehouse with easy navigation through the context menu with the right mouse button
  • Multilingual
  • Multicurrency
  • Product specifications
  • Product models
  • Date of receipt of goods
  • Units of measurement of goods
  • Manufacturers
  • Regions
  • Regional zones
  • Taxes (included in the price / separately, by region, etc.)
  • Product identifiers (SKU, SCU, EAN, ISBN, etc.)
  • Order statuses
  • Item weight
  • Item length
  • Images with high-quality resize of groups of images and fast effects
  • Slideshow in different languages
  • Stickers
  • Discounts that are quickly added both to the category and to individual products with the display of a sticker
  • System of modules not tied to a template
  • Administrative menus, not tied to the template
  • Layout of template boxes using the mouse
  • Ajax basket
  • Saving purchase history
  • Providers
  • And much more

Let's walk through the most interesting places:

The warehouse with navigation through the context menu made it possible to work more efficiently with the product catalog. What took a lot of time and clicks on the menu can now be done conveniently in a couple of clicks. It's modern and time-saving.

Multicurrency is implemented in such a way that the cost of goods can be indicated in different currencies, and the total cost will be displayed in the base currency. Very often it is more convenient to indicate some types of goods in dollars, and some in euros. However, they must be in euros in the catalog. In most cases, this is not possible on other platforms. We have implemented this, and we hope that it will be convenient.

Product specifications are also made on a different basis than on other platforms. We have linked them to a product category, so you don't need to click on the menu to change everything. Once all specifications of a product for a category are added, and then the previously typed specifications for a category appear in the added product. This is convenient and significantly reduces the time it takes to add specifications.

Taxes can be included in the order value or separately. They can be as a percentage or a fixed amount. Different countries have different tax systems, and this must be taken into account. Taxes can be set per region.

Slideshow in different languages. It would seem, what's wrong with that? But usually slideshows are made in only 1 language. We have implemented our own slides for each language, because it is logical. English speaking audiences need slides in their language and Spanish speaking audiences in their own language. In the same way, you can customize your links in different languages, as well as the text on the slides.

Stickers. They are very useful for marketing. And we have implemented them. Now you can easily add a sticker with any lettering. For example: + Gift

Adding images is often a challenge since all images are different. Some are better in quality, while others are worse. We have implemented this in such a way that it will be impossible for a manager to upload a poor quality image. Also resize automatically calculates the side on which to resize the picture. This is done so that all the pictures look harmonious. A kind of protection from the fool, since there is always a temptation to fill in a low quality image. The appearance and the entire store suffer from this. Well, as a bonus, there are several visual effects that can be added to images.

Adding discounts is made as easy and understandable as possible. Now you can literally add or remove discounts for a section or individual products through the context menu with a mouse click. No need to click on the menu. In this case, a sticker is automatically added to the product catalog (example: -5%). This is very convenient for marketing. Discounts can be tied to a range of dates, and they will appear at the right time. In addition, if a product has several discounts, then all of them are taken into account.

Template-independent system of modules. While everything is clear with the payment and delivery modules, since they are usually template-independent in other solutions, discount modules are usually template-dependent. We have implemented a system that makes it possible to make discount modules independent of the template. All data is transmitted via the interface to the calculation unit, which allowed us to implement independent discount modules. Therefore, if new modules for discounts appear in the future, then the template for this will not have to be edited.

Template-independent administrative menus. If you need to add new solutions to the administrative panel, then you will not need to change the template or menu for this. Now the pages are added in such a way that the section where to add them is indicated inside them, and if you wish, you can also specify the position. New files are simply added and they are automatically inserted into the admin panel. It is convenient and practical.

Layout of the template boxes using the mouse. There is nothing easier than using the mouse to configure the necessary boxes on the necessary pages of the catalog. This again solves many of the problems that previously required a template change. But now each administrator can use the mouse to make the view (layers and boxes) of the catalog as it is convenient for him.

By the time of the full release, we will add many of the necessary modules and features that will be useful in real work. At the moment, the online store is at the beta release stage. But already now you can look at what has been implemented, how it has been implemented and express your constructive proposals.




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pass: 1234567

I apologize for the mistakes, as English is not my native language.

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