How did you manage storage ?

I'm interested in selling a couple products and am at the planning stages. However, storage and logistics seems to be the biggest hurdle if one is not doing drop-shipping or have a significant starting capital to sustain the first years of the business.

I don't intend on doing drop-shipping as I would want fast delivery for my customers as well as control over the products, and eventually turn the online business into something physical where people can drop by the showroom as well. I can't store the goods in my apartment and shared warehousing rental spaces hovers around $1000 to $2000 a month.

I plan to start out on my local eCommerce platforms (Amazon etc…) mainly because engaging a 3PL is too expensive and have to wait till the brand is more known and business picks up, so the eCommerce platform's delivery services would handle the logistical issues while I focus on storage, marketing and sales.

I have a niche and only intend to bring in 3 products (probably 100 units of each at first) but I'm still not sure how to go about storing the products that is both economically and logistically sound.

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