E-Commerce Platforms: I’m Doing Well on Square/Weebly but… Could I do Better Elsewhere?

5 months ago, I had an idea to create, package and sell a product. I had hopes it would do well. I launched it in February this year, and now we're in June, and I'm seeing consistent month-over-month growth. I am packing & fulfilling the orders myself using Square as the ECommerce front/merchant processor, then Shippo on the back-end to help manage and fulfill orders.

However, sometimes I worry I am "Leaving money on the table" using Square. I don't like product layouts, as I have a reasonable bit of text explaining the product(s) I sell, and all of this text is aligned on one side, meaning users have to scroll down significantly to get to related products, or the reviews which are pretty solid so far. Additionally, I've gotten 3 E-mails in the past month concerning prospective buyers that can't finish checkout due to shipping verification errors I processed manually.

Major areas of concern for me are:

  • 18.5% Conversion Rate (unique visitors / orders made)
  • 12% Cart Abandonment Rate
  • 6% Cart Abandonment Retention (E-mail set up to fire 1hr later w/ a 10% off coupon if they abandon and we can send an E-mail)
  • 2.9% / 30c Merchant Fee ($50 average order size – I know Shopify will be similar, but ugh, lots of fees)

And of course, I'm just a crappy DIY'er building this site. There's enough money, I guess, to "Do it professionally" but then, I am concerned if my product(s) are good enough, long term, to be viable to justify an extreme expense on having it built professionally.

At the moment, I am considering getting a Shopify storefront and A/B testing conversion rates with a "New" store, as I can cut off viewers to Square and route them to Shopify, but I haven't done that, ever, with an E-Commerce platform. I suppose there's some risk there, but I have a consistent number of visitors that I could build up a decent sample size in a week to know if its proven to be more effective, or not.

What would you do in my situation?

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