$10 FB/IG CPA possible for home goods product with $20 AOV?

Hiya! I'm a one-person USA home goods brand where 90% of sales come from a sku that is $20. My cost (excl. marketing and my non-existent salary) to get it from the factory to your door is $10. Main customer group is women, 18-45yo, and I was lucky enough to collab with a good friend to build a (IMO) solid shopify site with high-end product photography, logo and brand name.

For this type of product and target customer is a $10 CPA on FB/IG realistic? I've heard numbers around $25 for retail as the norm, and I would expect my target customer (women 18-45) to be on the more expensive end. Both of these make me think a $10 would require really really great creative and optimization which might be beyond me as a one-person shop.

Sorry if this is a dumb question and thank you for any insights you can provide! Trying to get a sense for if investing the time in Facebook vs other platforms.

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