Cost and Operation involved in shipping from foreign sources ?

What does it fully entail from potential hidden costs to operational complexity ? Lets say I'm browsing on Alibaba, there is a chair that I think would sell well, it is $100 per piece and weighs around 30kg. Alibaba states that for 50 chairs it would be $5000 and it states "Express seller shipping method" would cost me $200. So the total cost would be $5200 and it basically arrives in my country within 5 – 7 days.

  1. Is is really that easy and is the shipping cost accurate ? I would imagine 30kg per piece for 50 medium size boxes would be far more expensive to ship than $200 ? Is $5200 truly the final cost to get it here ? Is shipping actually that 'cheap' ?
  2. Do they ship to your doorstep/warehouse or do you have to collect it yourself from some container at the airport/shipping port ? Because I definitely don't have a truck to carry 50 medium boxes.
  3. What are the potential tax, additional costs incurred or legal things I may have to do ?
  4. Please leave inputs or things I got wrong and any inputs I missed out is welcome.

I'm not sure if it's actually that simple and straightforward.

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