Has anyone left Shopify and moved on to greener pastures- defeated marketing guy rant

This is kind of lengthy and I apologize in advance.

I'm the web admin and marketing guy for a small business that dropships close to about 1600 construction safety products. I was brought in to develop the website to be profitable, clean it up and market it.

The shipping however is killing us to the point where we basically lose money on certain items due to a small markup ( I realize this is not good to start out with the stuff we sell the most we have great pricing on but there is also MAPP pricing on stuff people want).

Our merchant services suck for cc fees, Shopify sends us a bill for 2% at the end of every month. Apps like shippo are really only good for things that are small and kept in stock and shippo shipstation etc are not too different than the merchant rates we already get from UPS and FEDEX.

But I just can't help but feel there are too many hands in our pockets and wonder how the hell someone else and other companies can do okay/thrive with this model? I kind of hate Shopify and all the apps are either no different in performance from each other, there is no reason for them like a page builder, they got kaput three years down the line or they're outrageously expensive. I know amazon operated for years in the red before becoming profitable and became profitable by being scummy. My boss has been running this business over the last 9 years with good growth and she is a great person.

SO HERE IS MY QUESTION: have any of you ever dropped Shopify for a different e-commerce platform and had better success going to a different platform with better shipping policies etc and how did you do it. I just don't think staying on Shopify is a long-term good idea and I don't have the background to know what to do.

I have a different background that was not in E-commerce and was solely making marketing materials video, photo, web design, etc. The last six months have been kind of hard and this has been frustrating. Thank you in advance to anyone who has helped out here I appreciate it and you! I feel like I'm defeated and kind of ranting.

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