Hi, I've been in the business for 2 years but have never needed to use barcodes because I sell under my own private label. However, I would like to automate my inventory updates sometime in the future, and would like to work on some platforms that require barcodes. I do not know anything about barcodes.

Here is my situation- I use fairly easy to recognize SKUs for my products (something which can not be changed at this point). We can easily identify the product by simply looking at the SKU because it is of the form- SEC-S-01-BLACK, or something similar.

I understand that there are various types of barcodes in the market. I don't know if all of them need to be purchased or not. However, I would ideally like to use a barcode format which supports my existing SKU format so that I can scan it and have the SKU name appear on the screen. Obviously, if I have to buy barcodes, I will not be able to obtain the same series that I am currently using. Is it possible for me to use a font which supports this series, and which I don't have to buy from the market?

These barcodes do not have to be universally recognizable because they are only for my internal supply chain. However, I don't want to run into legal trouble in case I start using the EAN format (for example), and someone else has already bought that. I had a look at some competitor's products and they use GS1-128 format with '123456' type SKU codes. I don't know if they bought these codes, or if they are universally recognizable/ only for internal purposes.

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