How to ship an order to China?

Hello everybody! I have a question that came up recently, and I would like to ask if any of you have some experience in shipping their good to China? I’ve newly opened my online store, and never expected that someone from abroad will buy some stuff from my store. I wonder if someone can tell me how to ship goods to China? Should I feel any documents to ship goods there? I’m sorry that my question might seem silly, but I’m new to the business and don’t know all the details. So, that’s why I’m looking for some piece of advice here.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve recently opened an online store. My father makes shoes, and after he retired, he started to make shoes and sell them in his store. He works with genuine leather and makes some high-quality shoes for men. While my mother assists him and orders some leather for him. Besides, she also makes her bags and sells them at my dad’s store. She doesn’t work with leather, but her bags are still quite popular among young girls. My parents don’t have a brand or even a brand name. They just do some hand-made shoes and bags.

So, Recently, I’ve decided to help them out a bit. Things have dramatically changed after the lockdown, followed by new rules and restrictions. That’s why I’ve decided to help them out a little bit and open an online store. We told about our new store to all our regular customers, and it seems they really liked it. Besides, there was no need to pay for the rent for our store, since we started to sell the things online. But, recently I’ve received a new order and the customer is located in China. He probably heard from our store from some regular customers, or he just accidentally ran into it. He wants to buy shoes from us and wants us to ship them to China. But I have no idea if it is possible. I’m aware that many people order some goods from China and send them to the US, but does it work the same way if I wanna ship something to China? Besides, I’ve heard that many people recommend delivering from China via china package tracking. Do you know if I can use the same service to ship from the US?

I know it’s too many questions, but any piece of advice will be highly appreciated.

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