Question for Amazon FBA sellers

I've joined the official amazon seller forum recently and couldn't help but notice how incredibly bizarre it is. 99% of the post replies are people complaining about Amazon, Amazon's policies, Amazon's updates. Legit feels like a Fox News comment section on Youtube.

When i copy and paste most of their usernames on google, i can easily find their storefront and i noticed a common pattern:

1-) Most are FBM, and most think FBA is a "scam"

2-) Most put zero effort in building a brand. Most usernames are "HonestSeller123", "SueSmith69", etc.

3-) Most resell products on incredibly saturated listings of existing brands

4-) Most sell very boring, plain items, or oversized items

My question is… Is this my competition? Because if it is, it made my day. I legit can't take the smile out of my face 🙂

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