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I am very new to ecommerce but I have a Shopify store that sells 5 niche jewelry products ranging from $120 – $500 in price. The jewelry is niche, geared towards US conservatives, republicans, libertarians. I built the store myself and it's not very professional looking. We sell a few pieces a month so it's very low volume. This isn't my primary business. I've been talking with designers/devs to redo my Shopify store to make it look more professional with a focus on CRO. Cost would be around $4k for this redo. Then I would refocus my efforts & money into advertising.

This evening, I had dinner with a friend who suggested that instead of redesigning the store, I should just build a sales funnel using Zipify or Shogun. This took me for a loop. I'm familiar with sales funnels but my understanding has always been that I need a Shopify store. I always thought of sales funnels as good for info products but not for jewelry.

I don't know what the right move is. My original idea was to build the foundation, a professional-looking store, and then go from there. Now I'm not sure. Would the $4k be a waste? Should I just build a sales funnel instead?

Wondering if anyone here could provide some advice or guidance. How should I be thinking about this?

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