The Art of Friendship for Entrepreneurs

If you’re running a business, you undoubtedly have a million and one things vying for your time: family, health, religion, your business, and your friends. What most often gets pushed aside are friendships, which is especially true for entrepreneurs who tend to jam-pack their lives with as much as they can possibly fit in it—and then add some more on top of that for good measure!

That’s why in this episode, I'm talking about how to cultivate friendships as an entrepreneur. Friendships are not just good for us as social beings, but they’re also good for our overall physical and mental health, so I’ll be giving you my thoughts on friendships, how they have worked in my life, and how I’ve been intentional with them. I also talk about how I’ve been able to nurture my friendships despite the craziness that is entrepreneurial life.

You'll learn:

  • Why it's good to plan big trips with your long-time friends often. (5:40)
  • Why you need local friends. (8:05)
  • The importance of being flexible. (9:00)
  • Tips for killing two birds with one stone when it comes to necessary things and hanging out with friends. (11:10)
  • Why remembering stuff matters. (13:10)
  • The awesomeness of hanging out in groups. (14:40)
  • Why we shouldn't be afraid to let go of what doesn’t work. (15:50)
  • How to cultivate friendships. (17:45)

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“There is so much value in proposing an idea and planting that seed and making them opt out of something.” – @youderian
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“If you want to have good friends, you have to start looking past some of the things they do.” – @youderian
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“There are a lot of crossovers between romantic relationships and friendships in terms of how you build them up.” – @youderian
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