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Hi all,

I just turned 18 and have been interested in e-commerce for a while – I have a popular (The Office themed) niche Instagram account with 65k followers and growing. I have made a good amount of money by selling ads to other 'The Office' themed shops, but I would much rather have my own store.

What is the best platform for me? I have no design experience, no IT experience, and no marketing experience (though my page has very high engagement, which should solve some of those issues). I am going off to college soon and most likely cannot have things shipped to me then brought to a print shop, so is Teespring my only option? I plan on only selling clothing and accessories. My goal is (without sounding lazy) to have as large a passive income as possible for college with minimal effort.

Obviously I understand this will take some work and money – I can throw a few hundred at it – is that enough?

Thank you for any help

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