Partnering up with used auto parts seller to list some of his inventory online

I've currently been selling used auto parts on eBay that I source out locally for the past 2 years. I make decent sales (3-5k) a month. I was going through offer up and saw that a used auto parts seller had a bunch of inventory and high cost items that were sitting for months because to be honest no one really goes thinks about buying mostly high end European parts on offerup. I asked him if he'd be willing to partner up and maybe I can list some of his smaller inventory ( excluding bumpers and fenders because I dont have that much space) and maybe take a percentage of the profit or a fixed commission pay? This would help my eBay store with feedback and overrall show that im selling much more stuff as i've currently been struggling with sourcing newer year used parts. Does this sound like a good idea or how should I go about this. I doubt this guy would sell me part of his inventory for cheaper than what its been listed for so its not worth trying to buy out some of his inventory plus some of the headlight cost over $500+ he prob gets them dirt cheap so he woudnt take anything less than what they can be sold for. They would be making much more selling their inventory online and offering international shipping. He offered to talk to me about it when I proposed the offer.

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