Unable to advertise or verify my domain for facebook pixel

This issue is really frustrating. I want to be able to promote ads from facebook to get people to visit my website but am getting a message saying the following:

" No Conversion Events Available For This Pixel

This pixel is on a website domain that has already reached its conversion event limit, so there are no available conversion events being sent through this pixel. Select a different pixel or edit your domain settings in Events Manager."

When I click to go to Events Manager I get the following message:

" Your ad account isn't associated with a business account. To see events, upgrade to a Business Manager account. "

So I switch to an account that does seem to be linked to business manager.

Then, I get taken to the events manager, however it is asking me to verify my domain. However I'm unable to verify it. I added the tags to the header of my wordpress site using the WPBeginner plugin and click verify…nothing. Unable to verify. Contacted facebook support – couldn't help…the guy there just said he wasn't sure. So I'm totally stuck without being able to advertise my website. Can anyone help please?

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