When your scaling your business, how do you differentiate between a Product Designer and a UX Designer?

There is a misconception that Product Designers and UX designers are one and the same. It's understandable, given that they both design products – but their duties vary greatly in terms of what gets designed. In short: Sorry- you just can't define Product Designers or UX Designers by one single thing!

What are your thoughts on the different roles and responsibilities of Product Designers and UX designers? And how do you solve the description of roles in your company?

In Product Design, the Product Designer is required to research and ideate on every aspect of a product – from its core functionality, design aesthetics, and marketing strategy. The UX designer focuses more exclusively on understanding what those who are using the product (e.g., customers) want or need in their interactions with it- which can often also be the responsibility of the product designer too.

I did talk to some entrepreneurs about this exact dilemma and wrote a article about it here:

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