Steps for creating an ecommerce store (what to include, what to do at the start, what to not forget, tips, details, etc.)

I'm not looking for a detailed write up of specific steps one by one… but some sort of general layout/plan/tips?

I am currently in the planning/designing phase of a small ecommerce store I plan to make go live soon. I'm not too concerned about getting sales right off the bat, but rather using this as an opportunity to gain experience/practice digital marketing and learn everything that comes with it (SEO, AdWords, FB/IG/Snapchat/Tik Tok ads, tracking, analysis, etc.).

However, I've never built an ecommerce site before with WP. I've build websites and have web design/developer experience, along with graphic design experience, but when it comes to creating the site in terms of what to include, proper steps to follow, what to set up initially, what to spend time on, what to not worry about, etc.

I've thought about the product, what service is going to make the product for me, the ecommerce store itself, but not the details in between (and to be quite fair, I'm not even aware of all the details).

Advice or any sort of tips/help you guys can offer?

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