5 Tip Strategy For Ecommerce Blogging.

There is a very thin line between a good blogger and a good SEO. When it comes to SEO, we don’t always blog for getting a lead or a sale.

There are a lot of reasons to blog when it comes to SEO other than transactional blogs.

Types of blogs and their purpose.

(Let’s assume I own e-commerce of leather boots in this scenario)

  1. Transactional Blogs– These are the blogs we write to get a direct sale or a transaction. They are very hard to rank due to high competition, but people who land on these are usually looking to buy the product.
    E.g., 10 best leather boots for men in 2021!

  2. Informational Blog: These are the blogs that rank easily if you choose a low searched keyword. These are the blogs where you can naturally get a backlink. The purpose behind these kinds of blogs are

  • Internal Linking: Internal links do what backlinks use to do. The purpose is to push product pages, transactional blogs up by diverting the traffic and authority of the page.
  • Topical Authority: If you have enough blogs covering one topic, google starts trusting you as an authority in that field. If I publish 100+ blogs on just leather and leather boots, my blog will outrank a high authority site like GQ easily, which publishes only 3-4 articles a year on leather boots.
  • Creating a community: These kinds of blogs are perfect for pitching a newsletter or asking them to join your FB group/Subreddit.
    (E.g., Best animal leather to make leather boots. )
  1. Blogs to get links+Shares- These are some of the blogs we write mentioning other people business + craft and then reaching out to them for more shares or to get a backlink. You can also interview an authority in your industry and hope he shares the same on their social media.
    (For e.g., 5 Best leather artisans on youtube.)

  2. Newsjacking: Something big happening in the industry. Be the first one to cover it to get maximum links and attention. Also, a huge chance to get covered in the discover section.
    (E.g., Miley Cyrus said she prefers real leather boots over vegan leather )

  3. Social Media Blogs – In this particular scenario, we don’t conduct any keyword research. We tie-up with few big FB groups/Instagram influencers/subreddits/Twitter accounts and share our content to get the maximum clicks.
    (E.g., These leather boots lasted more than my last 2 relationships.)

Hope this helps. Do leave a comment for any other queries.

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