Snack Brands and E-Commerce

With more customers now shopping online for meals and snacks, it seems nearly every brand is offering some sort of DTC website store.

Snacks are generally expected by the consumer to be priced as low-cost items ($1-$10), which creates some issues to offset shipping costs, especially since snacks are traditionally low-margin items. A lot of snack brands choose the wholesale route and focus on volume, but at this time I want to continue to focus on my DTC model.

I'm interested in learning about some creative alternative revenue streams for snack brands, or innovative offerings that brands can create to generate more revenue.

Which industry trends or innovations have caught your eye for snacking industry?

*I see a lot of brands offering gift boxes or personalized cards as an additional revenue stream.

*Larger bags/variety packs to charge more (~$20+ range)

*Free shipping on minimum order amount (~$20+ range)

*Themed packs for weddings/bday parties/etc.

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