Business Startegies used by Fortune 500

  1. PayPal:- Refferal System

PayPal was so early that no one was interested in using it. So, they started to give $20 to every person who referred others to use PayPal.

This Campaign helped them grow faster than ever.

Your Take:- Refferals are really important in any business, many people have grown their whole Business or newsletter through this system.

  1. Disney :- Storytelling

Apart from movies, Disney successfully used art of Storytelling to promote Disneyland.

By developing feelings like happiness and joy.

Your Take:- Every Brand has stories that develop emotions and make people buy. What's your story?

  1. Apple:- Copywriting

Apple has mastered the art of Copywriting and they focus on describing their products in short words.

Your Take:- Copywriting is great for your business, you should do things like writing power words to describe your products and writing good product descriptions to convert Visitors into Customers.

  1. Nike:- Emotional Advertising

From the start, Nike has a different approach toward their business. They have always focused on making people feel motivated and work on their shit.

In their best campaigns, they didn't focused on Marketing shoes but developing emotions.

Your Take:- if your campaign don't make people feel anything like happy, sad or interested then chances of getting customers is low.

Should I post more stories and tips?

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