How to get started, from the very very beginning

Here is some quick backstory, I started getting into E-commerce as I just finished a massive project at my last job. I have about 8 months easily of savings so taking the time to set up an e-commerce business is not a problem money-wise at the moment so I decided to take this leap.

I bought a course from thelaptoplegends which is good but there are a lot of very basic fundamentals that are missing as I have literally 0 experience and no knowledge of the different things on dropshipping or e-comerce.

Is there a general template or step by step with all things included in it somewhere so I can follow them step by step.

These are the things that I have so far:

I got an LLC, I bought a URL which is in the process of being finalized, I made a Facebook page and facebook business account, I got a PO box, I got a shopify account and am developing my website currently.

I did not sign up for dropified, google shopping, pixel perfect, or Ordermetrics yet.

Any and all advice would be extremely appreciated as I keep having to go back and fix things or adjust them.

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