Should I cancel this order from a threatening repeat customer

Customer is a repeat customer, but only 2 orders. He got bent out of shape because the 2nd order is taking longer to ship than the first order, by about 2 days lol. The 2nd order is larger than the first order. It's only been 5 days since the order was placed, and these are built-to-order products.

The customer calls today and says he needs to know a shipping date by 5pm today or he'll call his bank and they'll reverse the transaction for him so he "doesn't have to deal with it" and I can deal with it on the "back end." I got him the shipping date, which is tomorrow, and he said that's fine.

However I'm thinking of cancelling the order. I have no tolerance for threats, especially threats about chargebacks. On the other hand it's $700+ worth of product that I'd be stuck with until it sells again, and it is not a hot seller. I'm afraid he could do a chargeback for both orders after he receives this one, since it's so easy for him to make threats, and it sounded like it's not his first rodeo. He will be signing for the package so I'll have that going for me. I looked him up and he's a spoiled younger guy and former "frat bro" who inherited his business. I won't take further orders from him after this either. What do you guys think I should do? What would you do, cancel or complete the sale?

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