Top 5 scraping tools for beginners: vs Octoparse vs Mozenda vs ParseHub vs

Note: the links have been removed to comply with the rules. I have put them down in the comments.

I have selected the most popular web scraping tools that are friendly for people with little programming skills. Don't be fooled by their simplicity, some of them also support advanced programmable functions.

I have ordered them according to my personal preference (favorites at the end). Of course, this is an opinion and I recommend you do your own research.

  • has gained popularity for the way it automatically converts any website into structured data and for its nice interface. Although it can be useful with simple web structures, it is not very good for various types of websites.
  • similar in usability to Parsehub. Requires more advanced programming skills compared to the following scrapers. Has three types of robots available: extractor, crawler, pipes.
  • Parsehub: it can deal with complicated scenarios. Although it is intended to offer an easy web scraping experience, a typical user will still need to be a bit technical to fully understand many of its advanced functionalities.
  • Mozenda: it is one of the "oldest" web scraping software on the market. It has an attractive user interface, and very powerful and advanced options. There is not much to criticize it, except….. It's very expensive… and there's no free version 🙁
  • Octoparse: this is my favorite. Like Mozenda it is very simple to use and has powerful advanced options. It guesses the fields surprisingly well, so it saves a lot of time.

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