What happened to Instagram feeds on e-commerce sites.

We remembered that instagram feeds on e-commerce sites were generally pretty popular, in that many stores seemed to display them. When we researched this idea, considering adding such feeds to our e-commerce software, we discovered that we basically couldn't find any, with the exception of a curated feed of individual instagram posts on the Adidas store. We discovered that the basic functionality of embedding an instagram feed had been removed. Here is a longer post describing our discussion of this feature and what we ended up doing.

The tl;dr is:

  • Simple Instagram HTML embeds are not possible any more
  • You can use third-party plugins/services to generate simple hashtag/username based feeds
  • You can buy “enterprise” software to create sophisticated, curated feeds that weave into your e-commerce site seamlessly
  • Pakk will implement a better, more flexible solution that won’t cost you a penny more

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