1st of July OSS/IOSS Helpppp!

Hi All,

Regarding the OSS/IOSS changes coming into affect soon, can anyone help me? I am so confused with it all.

I am based in England.

I currently have UK,DE and FR vat numbers and ship from UK to europe through my website and ebay and etsy.

I also store stock in UK, FR and DE and sell to UK and europe through amazon FBA.

I'm above the 10,000 limit on europe sales – what am I supposed to be doing please and what vat rates do I even charge anymore?

I understand with this IOSS business that marketplaces will basically charge all this for you. But how would my website work? and what do I do with OSS?

So far I've contacted a few companies and none of them are being helpful or clearly explaining this to me.

So far a company called VAT global replied to say I should register for non-union OSS and they'l do it for a hefty 1250 euros to register and about 190 euros a month filing fees.

Has anyone found a cheaper solution or understands what's supposed to happen?

help 🙂


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